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Voices of SJC: Oral History: Oral History

Oral History project curated by McEntegart Hall Library/Archives

Voices of SJC

Voices of SJC is an oral history project curated by McEntegart Hall Library/Archives in collaboration with St. Joseph's College Brooklyn Campus Honors Program.  The project was inaugurated in the Spring 2017 semester as a part of the College's centennial celebration. Led by the Library faculty moderators, students engage with the College Archives to develop a strong understanding of the history of the College and conduct an oral history interview.  Interviewees include but are not limited to the Sisters of St. Joseph, current and former faculty/staff members, and alumni.  The students develop interview questions, discuss the theoretical implications of capturing histories orally, in addition to gaining interviewing skills. 

Ms. Mary Macchiarola (SJC Alumna '62) - Spring 2019

S. Patricia Dittmer - Founders Hall Tour - Spring 2017

S. Margaret Buckley - Founders Hall Tour - Spring 2017

ACES Program Panel Discussion - November 7, 2017


Unless otherwise indicated, copyright in these oral history interviews is held by the McEntegart Hall Library Archives at St. Joseph's College.  You may download, display, print, and reproduce this content for your personal or non-commercial use but only in an unaltered form, with the copyright acknowledged and citing the name of the interviewee, the date of the interview and citing the St. Joseph's College McEntegart Hall Library Archives oral history collections.  Anyone wishing to make this content accessible through their web site is encouraged to link to the required content on this site.  St. Joseph's College McEntegart Hall Library Archives reserves the right to revoke this permission at any time. Permission is not given for any commercial use or sale of this material.