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Voices of SJC: Oral History: "We Are All In This Together" Spring 2020

Oral History project curated by McEntegart Hall Library/Archives

"We Are All In This Together" Quarantine edition

Voices of SJC is an oral history project curated by McEntegart Hall Library/Archives in collaboration with St. Joseph's College Brooklyn Campus Honors Program. In Spring 2020, five honors students interviewed their peers from SJC to discuss their experiences and perspectives while in self-quarantine. Stay well and safe everyone. Read the article on OnCampus titled "Voices of SJC Documents History During Pandemic: Students Interview each other about Life during the COVID-19 Pandemic for Oral History Project" by Amanda Bernocco.  

Dhiraj Chaudhary ('22) interviews Prasna Gurung ('20)

"I interviewed Prasna Gurung ('20), a senior in Accounting major. She is an international student as I am, I have tried to cover her journey from Nepal to the USA and all the different factors involved in that journey. Prasna has helped me draw some differences between education systems, and her life as a student here in the USA and back in Nepal, in this interview." - Dhiraj Kumar Chaudhary ('22)

Prasna Gurung‚Äč
Prasna Gurung ('20) - Interviewee
Dhiraj Chardhary
Dhiraj Chardhary ('22) - Interviewer

Andrew Wenzler ('21) interviews Peter Maxham ('21)

"I interviewed Peter Maxham ('21), a Secondary Education and History major from Queens, NY.  I met Peter in our SJC 100 class freshman year, and this is our third time doing the Voices of SJC projects together. We hope you enjoy!" - Andrew Wenzler ('21)

Peter Maxham
Peter Maxham ('21) - Interviewee
Andrew Wenzler
Andrew Wenzler ('21) - Interviewer

Peter Maxham ('21) interviews Andrew Wenzler ('21)

"I interviewed Andrew Wenzler, who is a junior child-study major at SJC Brooklyn. As members of both the SJC Honors program, and Campus Activities Board, Andrew and I have worked alongside each other for the past three years on multiple projects, including two prior Voices of SJC projects. Enjoy!" - Peter Maxham ('21)

Andrew Wenzler
Andrew Wenzler ('21) - Interviewee
Peter Maxham
Peter Maxham ('21) - Interviewer

Gianna Decrescenzo ('23) interviews Matthew Parra ('23)

"I interviewed Matthew Parra ('23), a freshman Child Study and Speech major from Queens, N.Y. I met Matthew in my CS 102 class this semester. Enjoy our interview!" - Gianna Decrescenzo ('23)

Matthew Parra
Matthew Parra ('23) - Interviewee
Gianna Decrescenzo
Gianna Decrescenzo ('23) - Interviewer

Alondra Caba ('20) interviews Pamela Castillo ('20)

"Pamela Castillo ('20) is a senior at St. Joseph’s College Brooklyn campus. Pamela is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree in Child Study with a Spanish concentration and a bilingual certification. Pamela has done two oral history interviews, one of which we did together (she actually told me about how awesome it was). I have had the pleasure of knowing Pamela for over 3 years. I met Pamela back in the Spring semester of 2017. Pamela and I have a very close bond as we are both in the ACES program at St. Joseph's College, which provides academic support for students whose first language is not English. Pamela and I are both first generation college students, immigrants, and are pursuing the same degree. We have shared many special moments during our college journey together some of which we have cried and laughed together. I hope you all enjoy our interview. Again, thank you to Pamela for allowing me to interview her during this time." - Alondra Caba ('20)

Pamela Castillo
Pamela Castillo ('20) - Interviewee
Alondra Caba
Alondra Caba ('20) - Interviewer 


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